View Full Version : getURL(mailto:) command help.

11-01-2007, 02:04 AM
Hi guys, I currently have an email button in my presentation, which when clicked, opens the clients email program with all the required fields already filled (recipient, subject) using this code:

on (release)
getURL("mailto:[email protected]?Subject=APS831 Automatically generated email.")

I also have a 'Print' button which when pressed prints frames 167 and 180. What I need to achieve is to get my email button to behave in a similar fashion, by automatically attaching frames 167 and 180 to the email, for instance in a bitmap format or something? Maybe using a printscreen option?

I had the idea of using some sort of 'Print to file' dialog, but this has the draw back of requiring the user to have a virtual print spool driver.