View Full Version : Dynamic Mask - Weird Problem

11-01-2007, 01:10 PM

I'm developing a little flash custom mat designer for a client. Essentially, the user selects a background colour, foreground colour and a design. The design is overlayed (in the selected colour) over of the background colour.

These 'colours' are textured images, so I have two movie clips - one loads the background image. The second loads the foreground image, then masks the foreground image with the selected design - therefore giving the correct shape over the background.

My problem is that two of the designs (skull and cat) have gaps in them for eyes/nose/mouth etc.

In both of these images, the right eye isn't being shown. Screenshots attached. Can anyone think of a possible reason for this? I'm stumped!

Designs (http://www.dieanotherdave.co.uk/mats/noeye-res.jpg)
Results (http://www.dieanotherdave.co.uk/mats/noeye-out.jpg)