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11-01-2007, 02:58 PM
Hello Fellas, currently im doin my final year work. im making a information kiosk(touch screen e-directory), but now im stuck with the dynamic things.

my plan is going to feature a map and 2 each store buttons for its stores. so when you press the first button it will rollover and show you where is the store location on the map.
the 2nd BUTTON is a link to an individual page.

The biggest obstacle is how to make this individual page works dynamic. ( if in php maybe what i want is called with "session" or "cookies" ). so with one page i can call each store's content(pictures, text, ads). with the parameters i want.

and currently im using MySQL > PHP > XML to generate buttons. and im planning to use it also for this individual dynamic page.

Well anyone can help me solve this problem or give me a clue . i've spendin 3 nights (gosh) just to search how to solve this things out..