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01-15-2008, 12:54 PM
I am using the Pageflip flash component (the $25 one) to create a flipbook which has various hyperlink buttons on most of its pages. The problem I have is that if for example, I have a link button on page 3, its hit area can be accessed from page 1! The link works but what should I do to make the link button accessible ONLY from its page?:rolleyes:

There must be something that I am doing wrong or not doing, as I'm sure this is elementary in a flipbook.....Please help. Thanks

04-04-2008, 05:04 AM
I have this exact same problem. Please any help would be great.


Take page "8" for example Where a link on the previous page on that side of the spread (page 6 in this example) the hyperlink is showing up from that page even thou it is no longer being displayed. If you mouse over that particular area of page 8 the hyperlink from the previous left side of the spread is still active.

I dont understand why this would be the case. I am using the provided actionscript for my buttons.

on (release) {
getURL("http://www.google.com", "_blank");
on (rollOver) {
book.flipOnClickProp = false;
on (rollOut) {
book.flipOnClickProp = true;

Thank you for your help. This will save my project if I can get your feedback!

04-14-2008, 10:21 AM
Their support guys are really quite helpful if you get stuck in future.
I had this problem and here is the fix that they responded with.

Our component shows one underlying page for transparency support.
You can enable/disable your buttons on SWF pages using ActionScript and page events.
Place the following ActionScript code into the first frame of your
page with buttons:

function onInit(){
if( !visible )

function onOpen(){

function onClose(){

function hideMyContent(){
button1.enabled = false;
button2.enabled = false;
button3.enabled = false;
// and so on..

function showMyContent(){
button1.enabled = true;
button2.enabled = true;
button3.enabled = true;
// and so on..

button1, button2, button3.. are the real instance names
of your buttons (you set the instance name in button properties panel)

It's also possible to turn transparency support off. In this case you
won't need any additional coding. For turning it off you must open
component symbol in movie's library (symbol with the small book icon),
select the first frame of its "actions" layer and open component
source code (press F9). It can take several seconds (Flash
ActionScript editor works very slow with large parts of code).

Now find the "showUnderlyingPages" function using the Ctrl+F function:

FFlippingBookCache.prototype.showUnderlyingPages = function(direction, _pageNumber){
var book = this._baseObject;
var l = book.leftPageNumber;


And place the return action right after function definition:

FFlippingBookCache.prototype.showUnderlyingPages = function(direction, _pageNumber){
var book = this._baseObject;
var l = book.leftPageNumber;