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01-31-2008, 08:12 PM
I have this contract with video. I tried millions of settings (with Squeeze, Quicktime and after effect), I try with the component flvplayback, I try with netStream and Video class... It is still jerky, not on my computer but on others including the client's...

see for yourself: http://keystone-creations.com/ in the "actor " section.

So what is the best compression setting? My original is DV NTSC, 720* 480.

I reduced the bitrate but still jerky...
There is a limit of time for a flv realistically? 400* 300 is it too big? (i tried smaller but still bad). Ideal Frame rate?

Please help.

02-02-2008, 09:04 PM
I have a similar problem.
On a flash page I have some text, pictures and some links to external html pages which have some FLV files, which works fine.

Back in Flash, I then import an FLV file to the stage but it becomes jerky on playback.

Then I tried to split up the flash elements, publishing them as SWF and put them into a html page. Thinking that the FLV might have a conflict of some sort.

In the HTML, I put in the FLV file (now as a SWF) which is a 26sec film and it's the only thing on the html page.
It plays back fine.
Then I put another SWF file on as well, it become jerky again???

I don't know we if somehow have the same problem, but I think we somehow do?!
I know this is no help to you, but you are not alone (o;