View Full Version : how to disable the setfocus in combobox

09-16-2002, 09:31 AM
Hai flash experts.

Can u download the file from

In my flash movie i've placed combo box with labels [items] and datas[urls] and input box. In combo box i given different urls for different labels.

Now what i've problem is that if we selct any link label in combo box it get url that's all fine, then if we click the input box, still combobox is enabled. so i'm not able to enter any word. If any word entering in input box starting with label word then it automatically opening in new window that related to combo box label url.

U understand my problem, otherwise pls download the above file and open the html page

that's sample movie. Pls select the n2, n3 in combo box, sure it'll open new window with url link, then u see the flash html. still its enabled, if u click the input box also its enabled so, u enter "n" letter in that box new window will automatically open. Opening new url is related to "n." label in combo

pls see and advise that what i've to do. i think we should disable the combo box set focus after selecting one items. Its right. it should enable after selecting new item.

Pls give solution to finish this.