View Full Version : ms access db to flash text area

Jon B
09-17-2002, 02:28 AM
ok, well i posted something similar to this before and it got nowhere particularly revealing. This time I'm rephrasing and asking for less.

basically i have an ms access db with three columns (date, subject, and comment) - there is also the auto number column.

i need to get the the information from this into a single, scrolling text area in flash. The format would be something like this:

12/05/02 - whatever subject
comment2 blah blah blah, whatever, i need help,
i hate asp, i can't code anything, i suck with script
yada yada yada. etc.

11/05/02 - whatever subject
comment1 ok ok, arg, help me please,
i'm a newbie coder, i draw pretty pictures, i suck with script
yada yada yada. etc.

I meant to write it twice - this was to indicate that i want all the posts to show up starting with the most recent - the colours were just for extra clarity.

So how would i do it? if you know then answers on a postcard to...

please be specific and highly detailed - i still haven't got my head round asp.

also how would i limit the database to only ever store the ten most recent comments?