View Full Version : Korean texts are not showing in dynamic text fields in PDA

02-18-2008, 07:57 AM

I am a flash developer. I am facing some issues in PDA Flash application development.

I am using HP iPAQ rx 4540. I have developed a software for this particular PDA ( Flash Player 7). But whenever I was trying to load the content from an Korean text file, It is not showing in dynamic text field in flash application in PDA. Only some squares are displaying in text fields instead of Korean fonts. But in PC it is working. The text field is "Arial Unicode MS".

But Japanese, Chinese, Formosan texts are displayed( in static & dynamic fields) both in PC & PDA .
Only Korean texts are not displaying in dynamic text fields in PDA. But static Korean texts are showing in PDA.

I tried all methods for getting datas from external text file like, load text file, #include as file and using escape characters, values getting from an XML etc.

Even I tried to pass the values within action script.
In that case also there is square characters appearing in script window box as well as in output trace window. (but if I paste Japanese, Chinese, Formosan texts, the texts are showing correctly in script window)???

when I tried on to trace the values coming from external data source or internal(through assigning korean texts into variable) the squares are appearing instead of Korean fonts.

I think this is the crucial bug in Flash Player in PDA? isnt it?
If not so...anybodyelse can help me out from this pathetic situation.