View Full Version : CoverFlow help

03-12-2008, 01:26 PM
Hello there Flex ppl! Im new to this program so i'm a newbie. So dont get shoked to much if i ask silly questions :) anyways... Im building a VideoCover Flow and i have several problems. You can view the demo here http://www.jamesward.org/myTube/myTube.html. So i figured out how to make components smaller but i need to make several changes i need to replace play button component with a custom play triangle and then i need to make CoverFlow pics a bit more a part from eachother and one more thing i need videos to look wider more like on this site here: http://www.brownbarn.com/vv/browse.php
Can anyone help me out on this? Thanks in advance :) Oh yes the code is here: http://www.jamesward.org/myTube/srcview/index.html