View Full Version : Multiple FLVs stuttering!!! Why?

04-17-2008, 06:05 PM

My main aim is to have several FLV files play simultaneausly and not sequencially, and have buttons that trigger the visibility of the FLV files.
Any ideas of making this work properly?

I have cheated my way around without using the FLVPlayback.activeVideoPlayerIndex or FLVPlayback.visibleVideoPlayerIndex commands and created something that actually works fine on my duo core 2.4 Ghz PC, however when I tried the project on a weaker computer the FLVs would stutter as well as their sound.

Why is that happening?
Are these commands essential for the FLVs to load properly and not stutter?
If I have to use these commands, how do I set them up to actually play all the FLVs simultaneausly when I load the project and keep playing even if I make another FLV visible?

This cant be too hard.....

This is what I did:
I have set up 4 FLVPlayback loaders on frame 1 with different names which instantly load 4 FLV files respectively and set to loop. Then I created a fake randomizer effect by simply making a movieclip for each FLV which contains several buttons inside it with regular frame distances.

Many thanks in advance