View Full Version : Compile class file question

05-30-2008, 01:47 AM
I use Flex Builder2 to create a ActionProject,named Test.Then Flex Builder will create a Test.as file.Then I create another class,named ExternalMovie.as under Test ActionProject.I want to call ExternalMovie.swf by using Test.as,when I run Test.as,flex builder raise an error,I find there is Test.swf file in bin directory,but not ExternalMovie.swf file,so raise error.

My question is how to compile ExternalMovie.as and make it into ExternalMovie.swf? I try to use Flex Builder2 menu Project->Build all,but it can't create ExternalMovie.swf,then I use menu Run->Run->others,I find there is only Test.as choice under dropbox of Application files,there is not ExternalMovie.as choice at all! How to use Flex Builder2 to compile ExternalMovie.as?