View Full Version : Flash FormMail (CGI) in HTML Browser

10-15-2002, 11:25 AM
Hi Everybody!

I just got this little problem.

I've make a FormMail Flash Movie. In my page, I just ask for the Name, the email of the senders and the comments. Then, with a button SEND, I use this script:

on (release) {
subject = "Comments from my Web Site";
recipient = "[email protected]";
loadVariables("http://pages.infinit.net/cgi-bin/FormCour.pl", "", "POST");

When I Publish it in .swf format and test it on my computer, it really works well. I receive the email i just send in my mailbox in an instant.

The problem is when a Publish my movie in HTML format. It does'nt work!! Neither on my computer or on my Web Site.

My web site is situated here: http://pages.infinit.net/wolve/

Can you tell me please why it does'nt work in HTML when it works well on Flash Player. It is the same .swf that is EMBED in the HTML, so why?

Thanks for reading me!

P.S. I just want to specify that i don't want to use the getURL method.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!