View Full Version : This example doesn't work for me... ASP/Database example

05-30-2008, 05:10 PM
Hi, I'm an actionscript 3.0 coder, not an AS2, but I'm just using this example I found on the internet to help me learn about using ASP to connect flash to a database, and for some reason, the database won't work for me. It's like it's not connecting to the mdb or something. If one of you could please run this on your computer and help me find what the hell is wrong, that'd be great. Yes, everything is in the right place, I have changed all the URLS, etc. etc. Everything is ready to go... and then I run the damn thing and it runs fine, no errors, except nothing is loading from the database. Maybe it has to do with the asp files? I have no idea. PLEASE HELP!!!!

I am also posting this in the AS2 forum.

Here is the link to the example... on there is a link to the code.