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06-02-2008, 08:43 PM
Hello All,
I am using flex builder 3/AIR. In my app, I want the user to drag multiple files and have their file names sent to a sqlite database. Right now the code will send the first file and then shoot an error stating that I can't use the same sql connection while "execute" is true.

Error: Error #3110: Operation cannot be performed while SQLStatement.executing is true.

I think my problem is how to find out when a sql statement has completed successfully. Any Suggestions? Thank you

private function insertTrack(trackName:String):void
insertStmt2.text = "INSERT INTO track ( id , tname ) VALUES " +
"( null ,'" + trackName + "')";

insertStmt2.addEventListener(SQLEvent.RESULT, insertResult);
insertStmt2.addEventListener(SQLEvent.RESULT, errorHandler);

if (!(insertStmt2.execute())){
//Try sending tracks to database