View Full Version : Actionscript projects in FLEX 3

06-12-2008, 03:36 PM
I am currently creating some actionscript projects in flex 3. The idea is to create some basic templates model ( picture, text) pubish the swf and load them in a flash website (Easy). Where things get a bit more complex is that i want to generate these swf dynamically embedding the image and the Text.

First off i need to know if there are commands or tools i can use to dynamically compile my actionscript project.

Secondly can i pass to Flex a reference to open a specific actionscript project template ?

And Lastly can i pass some variable to the actionscript project template to populate it with the relevant images and text before compiling it in a SWF.


06-14-2008, 04:39 AM
I there any way to create dynamic swfs ???