View Full Version : IE 5 on PC paths to movies and images

04-17-2001, 03:59 PM
At least two PCs, with IE5, see a blank square instead of the movie, with Flash 5 detection. This doesn't happen on the Mac (IE 5 or NN 4) or on PC with NN 4. The PC IE5 can only find the .swf if it is in the same folder as the HTML page. Also, it only happens with the latest movie I made with Flash 5. Previous movies do work with the relative paths. So I have the movie in two places now, so it works. What do I have to tell you for troubleshooting?

Here's the simplest case:

Here's my latest movie:

I'd like feedback on everything about this page/movie. It's like a paper doll, a way to explore some visions.