View Full Version : External SWF intro/outro animation bug.

07-31-2008, 01:08 PM
Hello, everyone!
There are times when I have to work inside Flash and almost every single time I have some issues to work with. Usually I manage to solve them, but this time I have no clue what the hell am I doing wrong...

The problem is actually quite simple: there is a main SWF and several external SWFs. Everything works well unless you load any external SWF and, for example, use video chapter buttons - when you have either hovered or clicked those chapter buttons, then, on loading any other external SWF, the outro animation doesn't play quite right (you'll see). Same thing in all SWFs.
I must say that I've used "ease" script a lot. Although intro/outro animation is keyframed, not scripted.

Anyway, here are the files (http://www.despaired.lv/work/NetDrosiba_v1.zip) (~1 MB, Flash CS3, the main movie is called "NetDrosiba"). Any advice or solution will be much appreciated!