View Full Version : [AS2] ScrollPane loading external SWF shows no vertical scrollbar

09-04-2008, 09:48 PM
I've read lots of threads related to this, but I'm still stumped

I am creating a scrollpane on the main timeline in frame 1 which loads an external swf from a server... works fine except 2 things...

1. In the Flash environment the scroll bars show up, but when the swf is played locally in Flash Player (9,0,115,0) no scroll bars show up and the swf is visible beyond the bottom of the scrollpane. I have tried invalidate() but no success.

2. When clicking the button "go" to go to frame 2 the scrollpane doesn't unload... tried destroyObject() but no success.

Here's my code from frame 1:



createClassObject(mx.containers.ScrollPane, "my_sp", 10);

my_sp.setSize(808, 486);

my_sp.move(66, 80.5);

my_sp.contentPath = "http://www.daislands.com/scroll_content.swf";


go.onRelease = function() {

FLA attached...

thanks in advance...