View Full Version : problem with dynamic text displaying var

09-08-2008, 05:48 AM
Hello, im having trouble figuring out why my dynamic text fields wont show the variables assigned. I have attached the fla file to help you see what im trying to do.

in the main movie i set a var equal to something, and then in a instance of a movie clip, a have a dynamic text field that i want to show this var... i have tried this many different ways, and cant seem to find out wtf im doin wrong. the sad thing is, i know its gonna be something easy thats going to make me feel like a retard :)

For those looking a the fla, the variable 'frameNameTxt' is set in frame 3 of the 'Labels' layer in the main movie, then on the 'm[1-4]' layer, there is an instance of the movie clip 'goombaBoarder_MC'. inside that movie clip there is a text field named 'frameName' with the var set to 'frameNameTxt' on the layer 'frameNameTxt'

Paul Ferrie
09-08-2008, 08:00 AM
Look where your telling your preloader to go when 100% loaded and then look at where your passing the variables name to m1, m2, m3 etc;)