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11-05-2002, 12:18 PM
Can someone tell me what I am missing. Ive finaly got the function to work but it is returning the first record in the table insted of the one I am selecting from the dropdown. Here is the AS function and the cfc function.


function getlotDetails() {
// Invoked when a user selects a name from the ComboBox
trace("sent request. name: "+cb_status.getSelectedItem());
// invoke the "getlotdetails" method in the GraveService service, send current selection
GraveService.getlotDetails(cb_status.getSelectedIt em());
trace("connect to service")

<!---cfc Retrieve list of lot details--->
<cffunction name="getlotdetails" access="remote" returnType="query">

<cfquery name="q_lotdetails" datasource="kincaid">
select * from tblLotStatus
Where name="name"

<cfreturn q_lotdetails>