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09-30-2008, 04:10 PM
Hello all brilliant coders!

Im the CEO of a small Toronto game production company. Small, but cool. And we need programmers to help us out.

Were making two amazing products:

One is PLATFORM for casual games, which links them all together, including through social networks.

For this we need all kinds of coders, especially Web 2.0 stuff. (XML, XHTML, Groovy/Grails, JavaScript etc)


- experience working with Flex Builder 3 / ActionScript 3

- practice object-oriented design

- Comfortable in Windows XP

- Game development experience a plus

- knowledge of Python is highly recommended


- Create graphical tools for a small game engine (eg. tools for cutting up a sprite sheet, laying out animations, combining sprites into game objects, etc.)

- Possibly contribute to core engine or game development

The other is a 3D MMORPG for kids based on a global TV show on Cartoon Network. (Using a multi-million-dollar game engine)

- For this we need physics, networking, security and GUI coding.

Check out our site www.bitcasters.com for more information especially the Stormhawks video under products.

Email me your resume and tell us what kind of time you might have and what youre good at and where you want to end up. Salary is based on experience.

We plan to grow and wed like you to grow with us!

Email me: [email protected] or our general application address is [email protected]

Nathon Gunn

CEO Bitcasters

364 Richmond St W., Suite 501

Toronto, ON, M5V 1X6

(416) 351-0889 P

09-30-2008, 06:14 PM
Multi million dollar game engine comes without physics, networking, or security?

Did you license the google-earth plugin gfx engine or something?