View Full Version : Looping a few different symbols

11-18-2002, 06:56 PM
Ok i mean basic to the extreme here!
All ive done is a really basic face and right now just to get started ive drawn the mouth in three parts (top mouth, side mouth,bottom mouth) and then for about 6 frames have changed each one a little bit to give the vague impression of talking. Thing is this takes ages!

So is there a way i can just set it to loop?
I have seen the loop option but well not too sure on how to use it!

Using Flash MX by the way :]

11-19-2002, 10:42 AM
unless you tell it otherwise your movieclip will start again when it gets to the end of its own timeline, which would be the best way to do that...I think what you're talking about is the parame to loop/not loop the whole movie, but each movieclip has it's own timeline too.