View Full Version : Best font rendering method in flashlite

01-14-2009, 02:35 PM
Hi friends,

can anybody tell me the best font rendering method that is suitable for flashlite applications?

Following are some of my observations:

Using device Font :

When I tried to use this method strangely I was able to show text in text fields which are on root timeline but I could not show the text in textfileds those were in a movieclip.( All textfileds are dynamic type)

Using anti-alise for animation:

This requires charecter embedding. The font displayed on mobile device is not very clear.

Using bitmap text:

This seems to be the good rendering option as the font displyed on actual mobile device looks very clear and crispy. But if the swf is scaled for different screen resolution the clear and crispy look of the font is lost.

Can anybody suggest me any possible solution to render fonts clearly on actual device?

Thanks in advance.

01-15-2009, 01:03 PM
Hi all,

I got the solution to my problem.

I think for mobile devices it would be better choice to use device font. As using them will ensure low swf size and yet clear font appearance at small size.

The problem that I was facing in using device font was "Device fonts can not be masked using timeline mask layer." You can do it by using a mask movieclip with 'setMask' method.

We can also achieve good font appearence using bitmap text but that will result in higher swf size.

finaly I found a very good link regarding font in flash:

hope that will be useful for many of us. :)