View Full Version : 1st site pains :( :( please help :( anybody?

04-24-2001, 10:14 PM
Hi there, anybody,
I'm just trying to put my first ever site together, in Flash, obviously. I've done all the sections as seperate .swf files and now I'm trying to figure out how best to load them into one. I'm ok with the basics, buttons, animation...etc... love the design side :), still have to learn the script side in depth - I've now tried out several different ways to load my swfs: into movieclips, into levels... nothing seems to work :( (I don't really understand exactly what I'm supposed to do :(, so I'm probably making very basic mistakes :( !!!).
I realise that this would need a long explanation but I would really appreciate any hints or tips on how best to put a Flash site together, maybe a pointer to a good tutorial on this... anything.... absolutely anything...
I feel like I'm almost there ... so close but :( yet so far :( ..... aaaaahhhhhhh :( , help!!!!!
Thanks for any response whatsoever, in advance! Prisca

04-25-2001, 12:14 AM

I'm sure i seen some good tips in this area the other day.

Try viewing all tech notes

04-26-2001, 04:33 AM
Explain what you have so far and it will make it easier to see exactly what you are trying to do...
I'd love to help though... one
P.s. - 612?

04-26-2001, 01:32 PM
A big thanks to you both for getting back to me!!! :) Appreciate it :)
:) I've now managed to load my swfs and put the main sections together alright, so the flash side is sorted out now (with the help of some helpful spirits on the net:)!!), thanks for the offer of help :)
My problem now is to get the first page which I assume has to be in HTML, for the Flash plug-in detection+link for download and the enter button to get to my site. I realise this might be the wrong forum for this but if anyone could give me any help on it... that'd be great!

Thanks again, happy flashin', Prisca

04-26-2001, 05:01 PM
With the right software this can be achived in mins rarther than days.

If you have ICQ send me your number.
If not then e-mail me and we will get there in the end.

04-27-2001, 09:18 AM
We have a tutorial here on a Flash plugin detector and you could also try Clooin Moocks FPI - http://www.moock.org/webdesign/flash/detection/moockfpi