View Full Version : Getting FLERR messages with 1.1 files

03-04-2009, 02:16 AM
Hey everybody -

I have a question about images in FL 1.1 files.
Of course, whenever I try to adjust image compression on a per-image basis instead of using the document default, I get error messages in Device Central, but even when I refer every image to document settings there are times when it seems that 1.1 simply doesn't like the image.

I have literally gone back and removed portions of the image by halfs, then by fourths, then by eighths, to figure out what is wrong. When I remove half of the image, it's OK. When I leave it at full size but shift half of the image out of frame, it's OK.

It's rather puzzling.

It seems that the software simply doesn't "like" certain images, but I can't figure out what its criteria for doing so are.

Anybody know?