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03-17-2009, 08:00 AM
hi guys, I am training myself up in AS and have been working on a single track mp3 scrubber.
Here it is if anyone wants to use it.
Let me know if you use it on a site. I would love to see it in use.


It is an AS3 component. One single 'component paramater' in which you enter the path of the mp3 to play. The scrubber buffers until 10% loaded, then starts playing allowing you to drag or click on the position you want to jump to (once that section is loaded).
Just make sure you dont use MP3's that have been encoded at 11.025hz otherwise the scrubbing will act strangely. See this bug: http://www.justskins.com/forums/bug-sound-length-bug-when-loading-a-11-025hz-mp3-file-76306.html