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03-20-2009, 05:45 PM
I have a project involving several modules. The project is developed in Flash 8 Professional.

Each screen is driven by a .flv file that syncs up the voice over with text as it appears on screen. The cue point names are entered during the import procedure. I finished this first module last year and all went well - www.lni.wa.gov/chairadjustment.asp. Iím now working on the second module that needs to have the same look, feel, and operation as the first and needs to be able to work with the first module as one total project. Therefore, Iíve needed to include many of the original file elements in this second module.

The problem Iím running into is that while the same approach is working as intended on many of the screens, on some screens the .flv file will play through the cue points of the screen, not stopping at the cue points as it normally would, and then returns to the first cue point and begins to play and stop normally through the cue points for that screen. Although the problem persists in Flash 8 Ė both Mac and Windows versions, Iíve tested it in CS4 and the results are the same. Although, this problem is predominant for these same screens, sometimes it also plays intermittently normal Ė but it is not reliable.

Attempted Solutions
Iíve talked with Adobe Technical support. Their advice - before transferring file elements from module one to module two, they recommended saving, compacting, deleting ASO files and transferring original file elements layer by layer, from the module one to module two and then re-importing the video/.flv files. Iíve attempted these things and the problem still persists. However, if I create a new file Ė stripped of the original project elements, isolate just the .flv files and cue points with simple text Ė of the problem screens, they work reliably. The problem is I need to use the original project elements. It appears there may be some corruption in the original file elements. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Please advise.

James Kozick
jamesk@paci[email protected]