View Full Version : [AS3] Where is drawLayout() ??

04-21-2009, 01:44 PM

I was reading an article around cell renderer's by Peter DeHann here

In his custom cell renderer class his code comment for a function named "drawLayout()" says

Override the inherited drawLayout() method from the CellRenderer class.
* This method sets the text field's width to the width of the data grid column,
* applies the new text format using the setTextFormat() method, and calls the
* parent class's drawLayout() method.

I had a look in the livedocs for a drawLayout method in CellRenderer just to be nosy and see what it does but I couldn't find it.

Is it hidden or something?

04-21-2009, 02:14 PM
yes it's not in the docs but it's present in the class!