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04-25-2009, 03:14 PM
Hello everybody, Hereís a links to my website, itís only a mock-up version at the minute (that the client likes) but I'd like you to look over it and tell me the likes and dislike that you find, thereís plenty of spelling mistakes in the text but that will be changed. Donít be afraid to hold back as I'd appreciate your input. The top navigation it not linked at the minute I guess its all about the design and layout that I'd like a crit

thanks eveyone for time


04-25-2009, 03:22 PM
Firstly, you might want to preload your rollOver buttons before your user even mouses over them, rather than right now, whereby if the user mouses over your button, your image diappears for one second before being replaced by a yellow rollOver image.

Also, the glossy design style and the serif fonts used for the content, and the hand drawn words on the top with the hand painted grass don't seem to fit well together, as one looks "fun" and casual", while the serif fonts especially, make the site look serious, I feel that this issue needs to be worked on too.

04-25-2009, 07:42 PM
Cheers kkbbcute, I'll take note. I forget to mention that the overall style of the site design (with the big glossy green buttons and text for the top navigation and header) where deliberately designed that way, itís a childrenís educational site that in a fun cartoon style (to keep the kids attention) teaches them all about alternative energy technologies through flash animations that I'm working on at the minute, the site targets children at secondary school level from the ages of eleven upwards.

Totally agree with the paragraph headings, they should be in the same text that is used on the header and side nav, what do you think kkbbcute? As for the sidenav buttons disappearing (that all done in css using the love hate rule) and I don't know how to prevent the buttons from acting like this? Any ideas


If you have any ideas kkbbcute that could be used to further inhance the sites look or its content let me know

thank you

04-26-2009, 02:35 AM
Check out this link to get the rollOvers working:

And erms, I'm from Secondary School and I don't feel personally motivated by this site, which you said was supposed to be made for people like me :p

I think the place where many of these sites fail is that they do not manage to capture the attention of viewers, mostly because they sound too "educational". Personally, when I see a site that says "Go Green!" or "A Multiracial Society!" and other things like that, I instantly think of propaganda and blatant advertising and just turn off.

I think if you want people to pay attention to your site, you have to make it obvious that this is not some ordinary educational site from the start, include funny facts, not quotes from random books. People want things which capture their imagination, not things that they have heard a thousand times before in school and on television.

If you can do that, I think this site would be a whole lot better.