View Full Version : MVC and Events

05-01-2009, 03:50 PM
I am fairly new to design patterns but can accomplish a good amount but, after completing my last project I was unsure if I followed best practices.

My questions is pretty simple actually... is it a bad practice to instantiate and call "Events" from the view Controller?

In other apps that I have built in AS2 (this is my first AS3 MVC), I would declare and fire most of my events from the View. In this interest of saving some time (and maybe just being lazy lol) I added them in the View Controller.

I found it much easier from a code management point of view to have "most" of my event listeners being fired from my controller rather than looking around into all the different views for them that would need to interact with my controller anyway. Either way does "technically" work but I would like to know what more people think.