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01-08-2003, 05:40 PM
what's up everybody I have a new message board running and ready. Please stop by sometime and drop some messages. You don't need to sign up so please stop by

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and my website



01-09-2003, 12:11 AM
Wrong forum, pal :)

01-09-2003, 12:45 PM
Don't you get it I am promoting it.


01-09-2003, 01:09 PM
Originally posted by Mcrob
Don't you get it I am promoting it.

:rolleyes: Oups, sorry, I must have misread the forum guidelines.Use this forum to discuss Flash sites youíve found that you like, dislike etc. Throw ideas around. Please don't post your own site here to be reviewed, thatís what the Site Check forum is for.Terribly sorry.

01-09-2003, 01:31 PM
Hey - are you two lovers or something - quit bickering and take a look at this fantastic Flash site - its fast and smooth, the animation is fantastic and you never get bored going through the site.

(then again , i've only just found it so I may get bored by next week)

01-09-2003, 01:33 PM
oop forgot to put the blinking URL didn't i!

It's http://www.blitzds.com

01-09-2003, 01:45 PM
I just don't like being called stupid, I guess :)
And very nice site indeed. Can you do anything in the lab except try and kill that dog with the ball?

01-09-2003, 01:50 PM
And Cola, what do you think of this site: http://www.estudio.com :D :D Now who copied who...

01-09-2003, 01:53 PM
Nope ... and I haven't even been able to kill the dog yet.


This takes a while to load but it's great too

01-09-2003, 01:57 PM
No way - THEY HAVE GOT to be the same company!

01-09-2003, 02:00 PM
:D It seems they have the same designers. But I don' understand why they would clone their own site :confused:

Edit: And the last site you posted really takes forever to load...

01-10-2003, 10:19 AM
Pom is right ! This is the worng forum !

I have not been able to post / moderate because my connection is down (spent 2 hours on the phone trying to sort it out - no luck)

As i write this i am in a internet cafe - had to wlak round town trying to find one, see how desperate i am ?

Sorry for the delay - pom - stick to your guns !

Regards, snapple :)

01-10-2003, 01:31 PM
They've got be the same company. I know I work for the Corp Office of a company that owns 15 companies. Some do the exact same things as the other but with different names. Just simply because someone might not like one. Then we send in the other to get there business. And to tell you the truth it works. The customer thinks they dropped us and went to our competitor buts it's really the same company. I hope this makes sense.

01-10-2003, 06:32 PM
On the home page of Blitz there is a link thats says "Hey you guys look fimilar" and explains