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peter pan
01-09-2003, 07:55 PM

I have a problem with the fscommand (exec,)

But I think that it will be better to tell you what I doing exactly so you can give me the right answer for my problem..

1- I use flash mx
2- I designed some kind of tourist guide which will be published on cd
3- I have 3 main .fla
- Presentation .fla
- Menu .fla
- 3 items each one in a separate .fla

I converted the presentation .fla to presentation.exe and the rest of the .fla to .swf

Until now every thing goes fine and all the files can call each other


I decided to convert the rest of the SwF (menu.swf and the 3 items) to .exe files


1- to protect the swf files from importing or downloading from the cd – I know that even the protected swf could be cracked and I spend hours in this project – and the exe files will be more difficult to expand it.

2- To avoid any Possibility that the swf will not work – I know that the flash projector works even there is no flash player on the computer.

3- I think it looks more professional to use the projector files – I tried to convert all the swf to the macromedia director but it failed.

So where is the problem??

1- I put at the last frame of the presentation .fla the fscommand (“exec”, “menu.exe”)
I made a folder and I named it fscommand and I put on it the menu .exe

When the presentation.exe arrive to the last frame the menu .exe opens in another flash player and I want it to replace the presentation.exe flash player as we can say on 0 level.

2- where I put the 3 items .exe ? if you call them from the menu.exe with the fscommand (“exec”,..)
I must put the three exe files inside another fscommand file and how you will call the menu from any item using the fscommand (“exec”,..) ?

Main folder
| --- presentation.exe
| --- fscommand folder ( which contains )
| ----1- menu.exe
| --- 2- fscommand folder ( which contains )
| --- 1- item1.exe
| --- 2- item2.exe
| --- 3- item3.exe

I am waiting for your advice
Thank you

303 maddec
01-14-2003, 09:46 PM
Hi, mmm, I worked on a project like yours (or it seems)...

-I can't find it back i my archives, but it exists a piece of code which you can be put at the beginning of your code, preventing for cracking. But Idon't know about his real efficiency (maybe for newbies swf crackers only?)

-exe change nothing in the crack because they are utilities which can extract swf from an exe ( I haven't tested it...)

-I think lot of exe files do not look more profesionnal than swf,
the only reason to use it, is the need to load multiple windows in a local use.

-With the programm Juggler you can embed all the other swf's (and more) into your main.exe.
I hope it will help you. ;)

01-15-2003, 03:21 AM
As far as "encrypting" the source code, here's a useful tool.

Actionscript Obfuscator (http://www.genable.com/aso/)

Good luck.

peter pan
01-15-2003, 12:11 PM
thanks for help guys .

i will try to test this site ; and if i will discover any thing can help i will tell you.

many thanks

pete pan