View Full Version : Change Flash Player's title bar?

07-21-2009, 10:28 AM
Is it possible to change Flash player's title bar? I'm working on an application for a presentation so it'd be best to have my own custom title bar instead of the default Adobe icon and "Adobe Flash Player 10" text. If anyone knows how to achieve this please let me know, thanks :)

07-21-2009, 02:41 PM
Resource Hacker or eXeScope are FREE tools that will allow you to modify any existing EXE file (not just Flash projectors) to change the icon, string resources, dialogs and more.

They don't give you complete control of the EXE file, but they will allow you to make simple branding changes.

Resource Hacker http://www.users.on.net/~johnson/resourcehacker
eXeScope http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003525/emysoft.htm#6