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Peter Chapman
01-16-2003, 11:05 AM
First, apologies for my ignorance but if the answer is right, I will be recruiting people who DO know what they are talking about! So without further ado...

We are building a personal information manager, based on the idea of a scrapbook. The user will have a lot of control over how and where their information is displayed, and this can also change dynamically depending on all sorts of things.

I can see all the benefits of Flash in client/server and would love to use it for the interface components, but can we build with flash on top of VB or C++? Can you suggest where I can go for information about how to do this?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


01-31-2003, 06:24 PM
There is component for C++ which let you integrate Flash object in C++ application.
Very easy to use.


02-07-2003, 06:20 PM
im not sure why you would need c++. unless you own your own sever or have server admin you wouldent be able to run them on the web? or are you thinking of an application for the desktop?
if you could explain what you need and what you wanted to do, i work with someone who is very experienced with making flash work with other programmes, for eg we have made a flash chat page integrate with a mirc server.

03-07-2003, 12:06 AM
G'day Peter

When you say build "on top of" do you mean using C++ elsewhere for logic?

I'm currently working on a Flash client for a brainwave server (literally!) for the devices from http://www.ibva.com/ in which I wrote a C++ server using a pure XML adaption of the BEEP protocol for peer-peer comms. The server runs on OS/X, Windows or PocketPC and uses socket-based communications to talk to Flash.

I wrote a Flash client stack using XMLSocket to communicate with the server so we can have things like triggers on alpha vs beta waves, send settings to the server etc. I'm using a pure XML variant of BEEP so we get the advantage of the native XML parser in Flash 6, rather than using onData to parse incoming packets.

You can read more about the BEEP protocol at http://www.beepcore.org/ or in the O'Reilly book "BEEP:The Definitive Guide" by Marshal Rose and the protocol is documented in RFC3080 - http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3080.txt?number=3080

Even if you don't use BEEP, it's worth reading about to educate yourself in the issues attached to such protocols.

As a cross-platform application developer of many years experience, I've enjoyed getting into Flash for this project and I will be using it for similar client/server projects in future - there are fluid interfaces you can develop in Flash that would take ridiculous amounts of coding in C++ on Mac or Windows, especially if you are allowing the user to rearrange the screen (poor layout management in MFC and PowerPlant - the C++ frameworks).

I'm certainly more impressed by the potential of Flash for cross-platform UI's than I ever was by Java.

03-07-2003, 07:06 AM
I think it want to use Flash interface for C++ apz.

Then man, you only have to import the activeX control and go!!!!
It's very easy to use as i said it before... ;)