View Full Version : Analogue clock with floating hands

01-16-2001, 03:12 PM
I am trying to make floating hands for second, minute and hour.

All clocks I have seen around using ticking hands.

I have managed (thanks to open fla and trial and error) to achive floating hour and minute hands. But I dont understand how the script works really...

I am told to use the getMillisecond, but I dont know how to make the final actionscript.

This is my script so far

localcomputerTime = new Date();
hours = localcomputerTime.getHours() * 30;
minutes = localcomputerTime.getMinutes() * 6;
seconds = localcomputerTime.getSeconds() / 6;
hours = hours + ((localcomputerTime.getMinutes() / 10) * 5);
minutes = minutes + (localcomputerTime.getSeconds() / 10);
setProperty ("/seconds", _rotation, seconds);
setProperty ("/minutes", _rotation, minutes);
setProperty ("/hours", _rotation, hours);