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01-17-2003, 09:04 PM
Flash Developer : D.C./Bethesda, Maryland

IMedLink, Inc www.imedlink.com

Flash MX Developer

Brief Project Description:

IMedLink, Inc is a software development company specializing in E-learning applications targeting the medical industry. Currently we are building learning software to provide online courses for nurses. The system being built uses Flash MX on the front end and communicates with .Net web services / static XML for data content. The application integrates audio and video along with course lecture & exam content to provide a rich interactive learning experience. You would work as a part of the User Interface team developing Flash MX components/ActionScript code to build and maintain the system.


Work as a team member in the Learning Object Player implementation team
Flash MX coding dealing with Events, dynamic movieclip, TextField, TextFormat, functions XML manipulation & data extraction, custom classes, Components creation & modification etc.
JavaScript/HTML as needed.
Interface with members of other teams as required.
Requirements analysis, design, documentation etc.
Knowledge of SQL, databases.
Open to working with other programming languages such as c#, .Net etc or taking on other responsibilities such as helping other team members or quality control with testing from time to time if required.

For more information regarding the company please visit our website at www.imedlink.com.

I would like you to reply to "[email protected]" with a recent updated copy of your resume in MS Word (with URLs if applicable), a source file (FLA and related ‘.as’ files, more advanced ie. Dynamic content, OOPS etc the better) which you feel reflects your Flash skills, expectations and any questions/concerns you have.


Nik Khilnani
Lead Web Applications Developer

[email protected]

IMedLink, Inc