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08-10-2009, 03:37 PM
Action Script Guru Needed for Passing Variables from files on Flash CD


Action script guru needed to help finish up a flash CD application. The application will be replicated on CD.

The purpose of the CD is to list businesses in a specific geographical location by a specific business category.

The list will be called into the CD application from separate XML of TXT files that reside on the CD. We are no partial to either types or would consider other file types to store the data as long as the files can be created using a PHP script.

The data of these businesses is being collected from a web application into a MYSQL database so that the XML or TXT files can be generated for specific geo location and categories.


The CD will auto start and there is an animation intro that lands on a page with a map. The viewer will click on a button on the map which takes them to a landing page for a particular city location.

There are a number of menu selections, primarily info on the CD and the company producing the CD.

The primary button though is for business listing.

The viewer will click on the business listings button and this brings up a page with 15 business categories listed. When the viewer clicks on a category button, it will bring up a scrolling page of business listings, sorted by sub business categories.

Each listing will have a brief description of the business, name, address, phone, website.

Most important though is a button with the business that will pull up a coupon page for printing. The coupon needs to be either a separate flash page (movie clip) or a popup (movie clip). Since the CD will be operating as an EXE rather then from a browser, Iím not sure a popup can be utilized. Would prefer a separate popup though.

When the coupon pops up, it needs to have a print function.

The script must be written in such a way that it can call variables by first geographic location and then by business category. Must be easily duplicated so that it will call the different data viles.

I see, though am open to other approaches, the map button will go to either a separate scene for that location of a scene with frame labels for the locations. The button to the categories will open a page displaying the categories, the button for the category will call the data file by location and business category.

If there is interest, I would prefer that you reply to [email protected] on this forum. Also, please include a brief outline of your credentials and a link to your company either freelance or design company.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Michael Conway