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08-26-2009, 07:22 AM
We are developing the solution of audio/video Streaming by using Flash Media Server VOD Streaming. Following points are to be asked.

Dynamic Streaming on demand:

For dynamic Streaming, Instead of a single copy of a video encoded at a single data rate, we need to encode multiple copies of the same video and use different data rates, for each copy.

Our Product must cover a broad spectrum of bandwidth capabilities, so we have to keep a wide range of stream bit rate encodings.

For example

The file “sample1.mp4” would to be uploaded by our content Partner to FMS through Flash Media Encoder Server having four multiple copies with different data rates :

1. name: mp4:sample1_150kbps.f4v
bit rate: 150
2. name: mp4:sample1_500kbps.f4v
bit rate: 500
3. name: mp4:sample1_700kbps.f4v
bit rate: 700
4. name: mp4:sample1_1000kbps.f4v
bit rate: 1000

If we have chosen the right solution for our product then we are conscious about streaming storage cost and maintenance as well due to (multiple copies of the same file) .Could you please to tell us another alternate if possible to reduce this cost of storage & maintenance of these multiple generated files? Is there anything similar to on-fly trans-coding of a single file w.r.t. say screen resolution, bitrate etc; instead of pre-generation of multiple files?

As we understand above multiple copies of the same video regarding with different bit rates. If we cover the different resolution (screen sizes) to serve this content on wide range of mobiles. what would be mechanism in that case?

Please confirm our understanding& comment accordingly