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09-07-2009, 05:00 AM
My name is Zhang Lei. I am an independent contractor. My company is a software outsourcing company in China and focus on customized Web Development and Web Designing. We always aim to deliver high quality products and services at a very competitive price.
Our advantages:
1. We provide service with high quality, value, reasonable price and flexibility.
2. We have enough human resources and time to offer good service for customers.
3. We have continually improved our technologic level. We have worked on web design and development for 6+ years and have had experience in flex/flash, PHP, JAVA, .NET, Ruby On Rails application for 2+ years.
4. We work 8 hours a day,5 days a week from Monday to Friday beijing time(GMT+8), and we can work overtime in compliance with client needs.
5. Based on the specifications, we will start working on a small part of the project (less than a week’s work for one developer) first. We will then show you what we’ve done, and if you’re convinced of our development skills and satisfied with the progress, you’ll pay us for the time we’ve spent so far and we’ll continue with your project. We will then send you a new invoice every week.
6. We will submit the process and source code of work every week.

There are some successful examples we have developed. You will realize our capacity in technology:


Our Technical Expertise :

Designing : Photoshop, Flash, Flex, Dreamweaver.
Databases : Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL.
WebServer : IIS, Apache, RedHatSecure.
Server Side Development : ASP.NET,JSP,AJAX
Client side interfacing and Programming : XML
Languages :C#, PHP, JAVA, Ruby on Rails

Overall, if you compare our company with others in the industry, you will find that we are the best one. We can help you to become more competitive and gain more benefits.
If you have any questions about our services or others, please contact me.

Web site address: http://www.fscode.net