View Full Version : Count files in folder without PHP, workaround

11-06-2009, 06:15 PM
I've got this Flash project where there are a number of different photo galleries that hold images.
Now, I want Flash to be able to see how many pictures are available within a folder so it can create the right number of thumbnails.

At this time, you might think... well there are numerous topics about this issue and PHP is the answer. But I perhaps have a workaround and I was wondering whether it is an 'acceptable' one or if it poses to many problems.

How about I let flash create an 'experimental' loader that loads images rapidly, theoretically till infinity. This loader starts with 1.jpg, followed by 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc... (also the names of the images inside the folder obviously). There is also an eventlistener added to the contentLoaderInfo stating:

experimentalLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListe ner(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, checkFileEnd);

As soon as Flash is trying to open the file, let's say, 51.jpg and this file does not exist, the Event described above fires. This event will then tell Flash to stop counting since it apparently reached the end. The experimental loader will then be removed and the normal thumbnail loaders will be created up till 50.jpg.