View Full Version : open page B if b1 is click or open page C if b2 is clicked.

11-22-2009, 04:45 AM
Hi all,

This is probably the simplest question one can ask about flex.

I am writing an air desktop application which is running locally only. So there is absolutely no web browser or web server or anything of that nature involved.

In this application I have 3 WindowedApplication (.MXML) files letís call them A, B, and C. All of them are completely static as in all controls are placed using the design view.

The first page (A) opens when the program runs and contains only two buttons letís call them b1 and b2.

I want it to open page B if b1 is click or open page C if b2 is clicked.

How can I do this?

11-22-2009, 06:25 AM
Read up on viewstack.

Peter Cowling
11-22-2009, 09:51 AM
In flex 4, you get access to include and exclude state related properties.

11-23-2009, 07:09 PM
Thank you for the info but viewstack doesn’t really help because there are times when I need multiple pages open at the same time.
Any ideas?