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11-23-2009, 05:16 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm making a CMS application with Flex, and I want it to be modulair. My plan is to have one application, only containing a mx:ModuleLoader. Then, I want to load modules (one for logging in, one for moduleoverview, etc). The problem is that Flex only seems to compile the modules it thinks are needed.

So, I have a <mx:ModuleLoader> tag in my script, and Flex only wants to compile the module that it initially loads.

Does anyone have a better idea for my application or a workaround for the compiling of the modules?

Thanks in advance,
Robin Kanters :)

11-23-2009, 05:47 PM
A shameless plug to my own site: http://seanmonahan.org/2009/01/31/flex-builder-optimization-and-you/

Toward the bottom I detail how to add and remove modules from compilation.

11-23-2009, 08:00 PM
Well, a thread with a very interesting subject! It needed me my first year with FLEX to get to modules because of the obvious problem of large file sizes. Another two years I have now worked with modules, and found they where the lifeline needed to get my personal ideas to work in FLEX make the application file size as little as, and use as many modules as I want (60 to 80 I have use already) with each around 70 to 90 kB with exception to the startup module which could get sometimes up to around 150 to 160 kB.

In my never ending search for module information I ever ONLY found ONE web site with some usable information and some code how to go about it. It was based on the ADOBE normal way to address modules – modular Application but with quiet a few enhancements. Not for the lack of trying but unfortunately I can’t find the site again where this FLEX Guru had his info.
The interesting part of this code was that it gave me options in its many different modified versions over the two years and in conjunction with other code of course to keep the loading times to a minimum which was so important to me as I do use a lot of Images in my apps (Show Case Display Applications), and therefore need to have not these long loading Intervals Flash is known for and therefore FLEX is burdened with.
I believe that one of the many reasons for this is to address certain modules (preload) already in the main app. and further down in any of the sub modules which are the junction carriers for other modules used.
My first advice would be to read all and everything of the ADOBE Help files and the ADOBE Pdf’s published on it to get the head start needed.

Never the less doing all this does not mean that there are no other mayor hurdles which you will come up against. One to mention would be the inter communication between the modules which can be very tricky.

Regards aktell