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11-25-2009, 05:19 PM
That's probably the right place for it...

Following this thread:
I'm gonna be releasing in a the coming days a beta version of a Wordpress plugin called Flash Media Portal. It's purpose is to give an intuitive Flash interface CMS from inside a blog CMS (So here wordpress but will be ported to Joomla, Drupal soon). This will be coming with a few application I wrote like slideshows, music player and so on. So as the name suggest its a portal and the way it works is simple:
step1: You create an application implementing an Interface, let's call it IEngine,
step2: you dump your swf in a right plugin folder. (or via the Flash Media Portal updates button)
step3: You are done, the Flash Media Portal displays the settings for your application, saves data, loads data, display your application on posts and so on.

Of course it's a free plugin and it's purpose is to allow me to publish any application on all blogs based engine without writing a single line of php (well since I already done that).

Well there's a lot more to it since you can manage users, have auto updates, and much more. But anyway the reason I post here is in case somebody is interested on using that to publish their application on wordpress and other.
Also if somebody is interested on helping with the testing.
Or helping develop further as an open source thingy.
Or helping with server side script.
anyway good coding all!

12-23-2009, 04:11 PM
Getting closer. I set a page on my site about it. Thx for everybody who sent me comments. Still beta!