View Full Version : How to Paste Frames in place outside nested movieclip

12-09-2009, 03:57 AM
Hi, here's my dilemna...

I created a nested movie clip


I copied the frames from MC1a and PASTE frame them to timeline. it worked fine but it changed positions. Is there a way to paste frames in place? or is there a way to discard movieclip and keep whatever's inside of it? it would take forever to move movieclips one by one, even the thought of going through that is giving me a headache now. Thanks! help ASAP!

12-09-2009, 06:57 AM
It didn't change positions, it changed parent clips. A clip's position (x/y) is relative to the clip it is nested in.

If MC1a.x == 50, and MC1.x == 50, then the position of MC1a.x is "actually" 100. If you move MC1 to x==100, MC1a is still at 50 as far as the script is concerned, but it would be 150 relative to the Stage. (root)

When you paste that frame to a different scope (timeline), it only carries with it its own positioning; so, if the timeline you pasted it in has a different pos then MC1, it would appear at a different position relative to the Stage. Make sense?

The easiest way to pull these frames "out" would be to duplicate the entire clip they are nested in, remove the elements you don't want and leave the new clip at the same position as the dupe. Alternately, you can just nest these frames in an empty clip, and just position that empty clip to the coordinates of MC1.