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01-22-2010, 07:33 PM
haXe 2.05 has been released, including a slew of fantastic new features (http://haxe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/CHANGES.txt)! If you are new to haXe, maybe it's best to read an introduction first (http://haxe.org/doc/intro). Though the compiler is maturing fast, the community has also been active - we can enjoy:

better IDE support including code syntax highlighting and completion in FDE, vim, textmate, geany and others.
ability to compile your actionscript-like code straight to a native binary (eg. for iphone) using the great NME library.
improved package management with community features such as hosted documentation.
many language features including serialization to all of haXe's supported languages, "friend"-like classes, mixins la ruby, generics, inlining, access to alchemy opcodes, and much much more...

To celebrate the new release, the compiler team (Nicolas Cannasse, Franco Ponticelli, and Hugh Sanderson) are organising a community meeting, where the future of haXe will be discussed:

Date: 28.01.10
Time: 15:00 UTC - 16:00 Paris - 23:00 Perth
Location: TBA - probably IRC freenode #haXe - a good client is pidgen (http://www.pidgin.im/download/)

More instructions and updates will be posted on the haXe community meeting (http://haxe.org/com/meeting) page.

We hope to see you there! :D