View Full Version : SVN from AS3 perspective?

01-25-2010, 02:12 PM
Hi there,

I am pretty much on my own out of a uni as a developer for a company and im making good progress but finding it very difficult to manage my code. Everything is too "per project basis".

Id like to take out all the UI parts common accross applications and put them in a place which is easily accessable. What happens now, is that i use folders aka packages but the problem is, changes i made to things in one project, and not other (older) projects gets confusing to work with "did i fix that bug in this version" and so on.

I have tried to read about SVN but it seems too complex. The whole versioning system blows my mind.

Is there any tutorials or notes or books on the correct use of Subversion control in a way that i can follow from a Flex/FlashDevelop/Actionscript Project point of view ?

Thanks for reading this.


Barna Biro
01-25-2010, 03:25 PM
I personally find SVN easy but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for... but obviously, you'll need SVN anyway. I'd suggest you look at some project management softwares and define some tasks for you. If you have a bug to fix, you can always check the tasks and see if the bug was fixed... or, you can keep it simple and create a plain .txt file that you attach to your library and state all the fixes there.

There are really many solutions to what you are looking for...