View Full Version : Google flash maps api guestbook source

Paul Ferrie
03-18-2010, 03:40 PM
Hi guys,
A few months back I had a play around with the Google map flash api and built this guestbook (http://www.scotflash.co.uk/guestbook/), another example of it can been seen here (http://www.innovativedesigns.org.uk/?sectionid=guestbook).
Well Iíve not had a chance to go back and tie of some loss ends on the guestbook map though it works perfectly well.
There is 3 things that would make this complete
1. Marker clustering
2. Geocoder, some kind of quick find me button
3. Update marker position with the edit feature.

I've decided to make the source available for download. More information on it can be found on my blog (http://www.scotflash.co.uk/blog/?p=394)