View Full Version : browser resize issue

02-25-2003, 10:33 AM
I have noticed an odd and annoying effect on some of the machines i've tested on at work.

One of them is set to display the page in the browser as it is resized (as oppossed to just showing you handles and resizeing on release). When this is a page with html content and flash content the html content resizes as you would expect but the flash content trails after it in a disconcerting way.

So i suppose my questions are 2 fold.

1) What causes this and how do u stop it. and

2) What settings in either the OS (win2k in these cases) or the browsers (i.e.6 and netscape 7) affect whether the browser resizes dynamically while you hold the mouse button down or just show handles and resize on release.


02-25-2003, 11:06 AM
this could be what i have seen with the first releases of the flash player 6 on osx/IE5.2.2, sounds just like it.
is it almost as if the swf was a mc with an onEnterFrame function that tries to 'follow' it's bounding box but fails to, and leaves trails of its outline on the screen?
If it is, you'll be glad to kow this stopped when i got the later player updates, so i'ld check the exact versions on those machines and install the very latest if they're not, and try again..
hope it helps! :)