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TM Webbdesign
03-23-2010, 08:55 AM

I want to make a link in my flash movie that opens a folder in windows but not with the webreader. But my flash movie will be on a usb memory stick so the url adress must be from the usb root folder because other wise it will relate from example F:// and that wont work when people have the usb as example D://

Need help ASAP.. please

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03-23-2010, 12:52 PM
Create a BAT file called browse.bat with the following code in it...

explorer \

Put that file in a folder called fscommand on your USB drive. The fscommand folder and your EXE should be in the same folder (usually the root of the drive).

Now put fscommand("exec", "browse.bat"); in your FLA where you want to start the explorer window, usually in response to a button being clicked.

You are done.

Read FSCommand EXEC is Broken in Flash CS3 (http://www.northcode.com/blog.php/2007/08/14/FSCommand-EXEC-is-Broken-in-Flash-CS3) if you run into problems.

Check out Conquering FSCommand EXEC Part 1 : Proxy (http://www.northcode.com/blog.php/2007/08/07/Conquering-FSCommand-EXEC-Part-1-Proxy) if you want to make your presentation a little more professional.