View Full Version : BlazeDS and object instantiation?

04-12-2010, 03:52 PM
I'm a bit new to BlazeDS. I have set up a POJO that does the following:

1-in the no-arguments constructor it connects to a database.
2-in a method called 'searchResults' it queries the database and returns only 15 items at most from the database. These result sets are small, only 3 columns.

However, it is ridiculously slow. It makes me think it is calling the constructor before each call to the method instead of instantiating the object, then using that established connection to connect each time.

my questions are these:

1-when is an object instantiated in BlazeDS?
2-Is it possible to instantiate an object manually by calling the constructor in my MXML, then hold it in memory and refer back to it?
3-any suggestions for speeding this up?

thanks in advance.